Board size (2..20):

Number of colors (2..11):

Max. step count (1..45):

Direct Input

See The 17x17 problem SOLVED! (also 18x18)

They thought they solved it. Let’s flood it. Ha!

Lines of comma separated integers that form a square:




Step 0/25
Score: 0
Rendered board
Internal Representation (hidden)

Flood the board with one color in a limited number of steps. Begin in the top left square and start by selecting one of the colored squares in the black frame. This will change the color of the area, and expand to any adjacent spaces, allowing you to flood more of the board.

This is an XSLT 2.0 implementation of the popular Flood-It game.

It has been tested to work with Chrome 16+ (slow, but recommended), Firefox 3.6.26+ (very slow; annoying “unresponsive script” warnings), and IE 9 (very slow).

© 2012 Gerrit Imsieke (or gimsieke on Twitter). Fork it on github.

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