Feb 012011

BREAKING: In #iOS 6/#MacOS 11, Web access only thru proxy.apple.com. Analyst: Web pages bypassing IAP a threat to revenue model

With all the recent fuss about Apple’s In-App Purchase (IAP) API enforcement, the train toward Web apps will take up more traction.

Apple themselves are constantly improving Mobile Safari: it supports most of the events that iOS native apps do support, it is fast enough, and you can imitate a native app’a user experience quite well already. Plus: the Web has gotten really interoperable. You can get almost the same user experience with any iOS browser as with any Android browser without the need to develop for different hardware/software platforms.

German weekly Die Zeit already draw the consequences and abandoned the idea of native apps for their main content.

So in the view of the hefty app tax of 30%, will players such as Sony or Amazon offer their libraries as a pure Web site?

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